Eviction Moratorium is Extended!

Yesterday President Biden directed the CDC to extend the eviction moratorium through at least March 31. This article is full of information about the December law under which Arkansas should receive $200M for rent assistance, the Biden administration’s plans for additional relief, and the difficulties of actually getting rent assistance to tenants.


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HB1563 Passes the House Insurance and Commerce Committee!

Yesterday HB1563 passed the House Insurance and Commerce Committee by a vote of 11 to 7. The NO votes were from Reps. Lundstrom, Penzo, Wooten, Ray, Boyd, and Brown. If one of these if your Representative, contact them and ask them to change their vote when the bill comes up in the full House! The

Will Minimum Rental Housing Standards Raise Rent?

Answer: They shouldn’t! There are few statistics on this topic but two years ago a nationally researched study revealed that the poor pay disproportionately more for rent than more affluent tenants. “Renters in poor neighborhoods are excluded from both home ownership and apartments in middle-class communities on account of their poverty, poor credit, eviction, or

How Can You Help Enact HB1563?

Contact your representative and urge them to vote for HB1563. Keep your communication short and respectful. Thank them for their service. Some talking points: Government regulates most businesses to ensure that consumers receive a product of value. Tenants rent housing in order to live in it, but Arkansas, alone of all the states, does not

HB1563 is Introduced, Referred to House Insurance and Commerce Committee

HB1563, sponsored by Rep. Jimmy Gazaway, has been introduced and referred to the House Committee on Insurance and Commerce. Go to this link for contact information of committee members. More detailed information about what you can do to help it become enacted will be posted tomorrow. This bill creates minimum standards for rental housing, remedies